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Horoscope is a snapshot of the position of planets and stars in the sky at a particular point in time. The planets, which are considered deities in our Hindu scriptures, have a direct influence on each individual and their surroundings. The study of horoscopes reveals which planets were favorable and which were unfavorable at the time of the individual's birth.

Although the position of planets in a birth chart remains fixed, the planets themselves are constantly in motion. The study of the transitory planets, known as gochara, reveals what kind of influence they have on an individual at any given time. By studying the favorable planets, we can obtain maximum benefit, and by mitigating the harmful effects of unfavorable planets through remedies, we can minimize their negative impact.

Our organization offers horoscope readings through various methods of astrology such as Hindu Vedic astrology, Nadi astrology, Lal Kitab, and other techniques. By providing predictions about an individual's life and specific questions, we provide guidance. Our aim is to provide remedies that offer maximum benefit to clients as per client's convenience, so that the science of astrology can be successful in all directions.